5 031 001 877.77997737 doge coin wallet for sale, 200btc password protected RAR file.

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    5 031 001 877.77997737 doge coin wallet for sale, 200btc password protected RAR file.
    The original story:-
    This wallet belongs to a newbie in cryptos who brought various cryptos, from a world famous exchange in multi-crypto exchange cryptsy.com, which got hacked in 2017, at that doge is 0.00001 USD, later he came to know that exchanges are getting hacked, he moved the funds to the doge core wallet. he kept a password, unfortunately this guy expired during corona in year 2020 March under quarantine, his brother is a used cars dealer. before few days he went into quarantine he explained to this brother that he brought he few bitcoins, which he lost some during cryptsy hack and some in his own personal wallet.dat, and some Litecoins and some good amounth oe eth ETH, his brother able to recover his mac password. and searched through various files in that there he found MEW keystore file and and cryptsy login details but unfortunately he doesn't able to recover the Bitcoin wallet.dat, where password is also inside this folder but he cant able to recover the rar5 password, he remember his brother saying that that wallet.dat has around 200 BTC, and this doge wallet has 5billion doge wallet(current worth 500,000,000 USD. we tried very hard, he told us that his brother keeps mostly small letters and numbers(sometimes symbols) as password. so if anyone able to crack the wallet, Please share the owner 20% rest all can be yours. Thanks With his permission i am putting this for open sale.
    Genuine checked wallet.dat files not forged, double checked using hex editors
    File:-1 The files in password protected rar are:-
    2. password.txt
    FIle:-2 Doge wallet having 5000000000 (5Billiondoge
    and other methods 100% genuine wallets for sale
    If anyone
    If anyone successfully recovered please share his cut 20% to the btc address.
    Caution:- Beware Lot of fake of same wallet.dat is in circulations, Please use hex editors to observe the encoding pattern and text editor for empty bytes.
    + Along with worlds best password cracking software
    passware license worth 1000 USD for life time activation

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