Awesome Miner - Unlock Antminer S9, T9+, S15, T15, S17, T17 (free for everyone)

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    This feature is available for everyone - you don't have to run a paid version of Awesome Miner to unlock any number of Antminers. This should benefit the entire mining community.

    I've received a number of questions about what Awesome Miner, as a trusted and known software solution, can do related to unlocking of Antminers (without having to use SD cards). The unlock feature has been available in Awesome Miner for a while, but everyone may not be aware of it as it's a bit hidden.

    System requirements
    Unlock support
    • S15, T15, S17, S17 Pro, T17
      • Enable SSH and remove signature check
      • Works with recent Bitmain firmware versions, except the latest December 2019 release
    • S9, T9+
      • Remove signature check
      • When the signature check is removed, you can install any firmware, either custom firmware or older Bitmain firmware, where SSH is available
      • Works with all Bitmain firmware versions except the most recent from July 2019. If you run this specific firmware version, flashing with SD-card is an option.
    How to unlock
    If you already are running Awesome Miner to monitor all your Antminers, please make sure you run a recent version and then proceed to step #7.

    1 ) Download, install and run Awesome Miner.!X7A23YiL!eDSQ5ZQq0gJEjNNS1zkfyA (MEGA)
    2 ) When running Awesome Miner for the first time, it will automatically open the Add Miner Wizard. It can also be accessed via the "New miner" button in the toolbar.
    3 ) In the wizard, select "Network Scan"
    4 ) Enter an IP address range and click "Scan"
    5 ) Click "Select all" to add all miners and click "Next" followed by "Finish"
    6 ) In case you have the Free Edition of Awesome Miner, you may get a question if you want to continue adding the miners. Select "Yes" to continue. The Free Edition only supports monitoring of two miners, but it's still possible to add any number of miners
    7 ) Select one or many miners, right click and select "ASIC Tools" -> "Send Custom Web Request"
    8 ) Fill in the Antminer web username and password (default: root / root) and enter "unlock" (without the quotes) in the Request field.
    9 ) Apply and wait. The Antminers will be restarted once during the process.

    What's next
    Now your Antminers are unlocked and you will have greater flexibility to install any custom firmware and access them via SSH.

    SD-card images
    We have a number of SD-card images available for unlocking certain Bitmain firmware versions for Antminer S9, T9+, L3+. Please contact me for more information.

    Any feedback is of course appreciated. Thanks!